Casa Rural Etxeberria. Oskotz


Entertainment for all You can help us in in-house activities such as maintenance of the garden and orchard, cutting firewood… We also organise tastings of local products such as milk, Idiazabal Cheese, cottage cheese, curds, jams, fresh fruit, dried fruit, apple juice, patxaran, various desserts…

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If you wish to, there are guided visits to the farms of the village (sheep and milk cows), and can take milk to develop the rich curd. You can also visit the artisans of the area. In season there are guided tours for the harvesting of fruits of the forest. If you like to make a bit of exercise there are signposted walks in the area. We can offer you general information about cultural activities, folklore, sports and gastronomy (recommendation of inns in the area). For more information on activities, visit: