Casa Rural Etxeberria. Oskotz


Variety of Options

Rural House Etxeberria we offer you variety of options for excursions and tours, such as:

Plazaola Green Route. Old train route, accessible to all ages, on foot, bike, horse riding, wheelchair…

Source of Iribas. Pleasant walk of 5 Km., through field and forest in which we visited the source of the river Ertzilla, its disappearance in the sump and his return to the surface, to be called Rio Larraún.

Aralar Mountains and its Sanctuary of San Miguel. Mythical Place, populated by beech forests and meadows, strewn with rich sources, caves, chasms and prehistoric dolmens. Famous for its

Sanctuary of San Miguel, and for its legends.

Lekunberri. Lovely town, with large houses, very well restored, where you can buy very good meat and homemade bread. Shopping Center and services in the area.

Old Oak. Located in Jauntsaras, there is a nice walk from until reaching this as peculiar as elder tree. It is catalogued as natural monument of Navarre.

Orgi oak. In the valley of the Ultzama, declared Natural Recreational area for their landscape values and its biodiversity.

More excursions: Mendukilo underground caves, in Astiz. Ironworks of Betelu, nice walk on the path of Goikoa. Golf course, in La Ultzama. Pitch & Putt, in Lizaso. Ethnographic Museum of honey, in Eltso. Adventure Park Beigorri, in Lekunberri. Equestrian Center, in Baraibar. Belate, mount between the valleys of Ultzama and Baztán.