Casa Rural Etxeberria. Oskotz

The Village

Oskotz, in the valley of Imotz

Oskotz, is a small town of about 80 inhabitants, of livestock nature, located about 600 m of altitude, in the Navarre mountain.

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It is surrounded by green fields, occupied by cattle and latxo sheep, of milk.

In addition to lush forests of beech and oak forests, perfect for walking, cycling or horse riding, as in the case of “The Cañada de las Provincias”, that crosses the limits of the locality.

We have mobile daily service of bread and grocery twice per week, supplemented in the town of Irurtzun, 10 km away.

In the village you can visit the beautiful Gothic church of San Cristobal, of S. XIV (during the Eucharist), perfectly restored to its interior.

You can also see, via guided tour, the modern agricultural exploitations of the San Miguel Cooperative, of bovine cattle and indigenous milk sheep.